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View Diary: StephenCLE's Election Ratings - Oct 22 (28 comments)

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    If party committees or 3rd party groups are advertising in certain seats relative to others, that is a sign of competitiveness and should be looked at with sincerity.  Of course, polling can often run parallel, or in some cases out of sync with party committee spending so you have to be careful when singling out which seats have truly been "triaged".  

    I actually moved CA-21 3 days ago because of republican 3rd party ad buys that suggested the race was competitive...sure enough polling out a few days later confirmed this.  A reverse example would be FL-26, which the DCCC and HMP have all but declared as won, but you have friggin St Pete polls showing Rivera still ahead.  In this latter situation I'm going with the ad spending as being right and the polling being wrong.

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