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  •  This is about The Tyranny of The Majority (none)
    The Majority, of either party, without checks can unite with a WH of the same Party and, with these actions that invalidate the checks and balances of Senate and Congressional tradition, and unite the Executive and the Legislative!

    With that accomplished then the Judiciary becomes available for seeding with Lifetime appointments that will change the course of jurisprudence and unite the New Lifetime Appointees with the Executive and the Legislative.

    That accomplished it is only a matter of time before the same scenario can be played with members of the Supreme Court! And that is the Ultimate Lifetime Appointment that will shred the Constitution.

    That is the goal, Ladies and Gentleman. Not simple political advantage...not the appointees...not the overturning of Senate's the OVERTURNING OF THE CONSTITUTION! And they are doing it in such a way that it will be hard to overcome.

    Now is the time we face the most serious threat to the Constitution in our lifetimes.

    Now is the time to fight like Meat Eating Democratic Dawgs! Fight like you've never fought. These sons-of-bitches are trying to screw with our Constitution! Fuck Politics...this is about our National Identity and Our Future. FIGHT!

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