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    but it's not their "route to the sea" and that is not, from what I understand, a one off accidental gaffe. He's said it repeatedly.

    I know about a decade ago they were smuggling arms to Syria, sealing them in oil drums and floating them down to Lebanon using natural ocean currents. Given the obvious proximity I think this sort of thing is probably what he means but it's not what he's saying and it's not how people take it and it shows a fundamental inability to communicate the complexity of the region. Furthermore Romney has no actual policy in place to end the smuggling of arms, money or persons from Iran, or Afghanistan or Pakistan to the rest of the world. He has shown he simply doesn't understand the complex nature of the region or the murky territory we are in while combating this threat.

    Libya was uncontroversial for a reason, not the least of which is that it's Africa and nobody cares about Africa. Qaddafi was a known actor on the world stage and to the general population in the States, where as Assad, our relationship with Assad and his relationship with the rest of his region and China and Russia are complicated and insertion into the nation would be potentially destabilizing to Turkey and hold potential for a mini-Afghanistan scenario. I have no doubt that we could remove Assad quickly but not without being there long term and drawing out and potentially galvanizing various disparate elements in the region. When they compare the two it's either willful ignorance or intentionally misleading both of which should disqualify Romney and his ilk from leading this nation.

    Iran is a pain in the ass but it's influence in the region is not so great that it's a credible threat. I personally think their pursuit of nuclear weapons is overblown and the likelihood that they would reach them without world intervention is nil. This isn't Pakistan. Iran will not be allowed nuclear weapons capabilities. That is regardless of their ability to smuggle support through Damascus or to maintain control of the Straights of Hormuz.

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