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  •  yes they will (0+ / 0-)

    The Tea Party will be happy because Serial Liar Mitt Romney mentioned the "Democrat Party" (no matter how inauthentic it sounded, coming from someone of his backgound) several times.

    Also, SLMR scolded President Obama for engaging in character attacks (never mind that he, incoherently, was attacking the president 50% of the time while agreeing with him the other 50% of the time).

    As many others have noted, SLMR did seem very ill and/or drugged up; perhaps he was drugged up to ensure that he did not lose his temper, especially when President Obama got in two zingers:  talking of equestrian forces was, of course, a dig at the Romneys' massive tax cuts relating to their dancing horses, and his choice of repeating the term 'check the transcript' was clearly an echo of their second debate, at the moment when SLMR ended up with egg on his face.  

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