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  •  We Need Groups (none)

    I've seen a couple of Boycott the News posts up lately. Including mine below which got 3 whole people saying "we already do."

    We need Media Matters. We need Center for American Progress. We need Air America Radio. We need some big players that can reach all the people who voted for Kerry and are just sick and tired. There's lots of 'em and they'd probly all turn their TV's off for however long they felt other people were doing it.

    I wrote to Media Matters yesterday. How do we get a big group like the above to really push this? They'll get hammered by the corporate world.

    •  Yes they will get hammered. (none)
      And that CERTAINLY leaves out Air America, which is a centrist. commercial venture masquerading as left wing radio.

      They support staying in Iraq.

      They support the mainstream Democratic Party and its old-line candidates like Kerry.

      And they DEPEND on the support of corporate America.

      This is what they MUST do in order to act as a relatively large-scale forum, and I am not criticizing them for their work or their position...just stating the truth of the matter. They are part of a continuum, and must be positioned pretty much where they are if we are to change things here in America. But a strike of ANY kind is a radical action, no matter how much the idea of "strike" has been given lip service in our culture, and I cannot see mainstream media supporting it willingly.

      As far as Media Matters (I assume you mean the PBS series) and The Center For American Progress...the further away we get from corporate support, the more likely we are to find a way to spread this idea. PBS is also dependent on corporate support, and I would bet that if you took a good look at who pays the bills for The Center For American Progress and other such organizations you would find that theyhave an Exxon Tiger in their think-tank as well.

      Which leads us inevitably back to the blogoshpere and the electronic ghetto.

      This is a tough and ticklish question.

      How to get the mass media to pay attention to an idea that is essentially an attack upon its own power.

      Media Catch-22.

      My own take on the matter?

      The modern media monster has an Achilles heel.

      It CANNOT look away from sensational news, because it cannot AFFORD to look away.

      Could we enlist the aid of people like John Conyers in a matter like this? (Are you listening, sir?)

      Could we press this matter here in our own community, on the Daily Kos and other blogs?

      Could we reach a point of critical mass, a point where the ongoing positive reaction to an idea like this is inevitable?

      A point where the mass media CANNOT look away?

      I do not know.

      We could begin by calling into Air America and forcing them into at least considering the idea. (I imagine it would tweak the intelligences of a number of the hosts, and at least until it got some steam up it would not be red-flagged by the management. And bet on it...they have THEIR talking points, too.)

      Here on do you get from a position of fleeting diary (Yours got 3 responses...mine is up to 12, and BOTH will be gone from easy view before the day is up) to a position of being recommended and/or on the front page for a few days? ((As I said...I am new here and do not yet understand the mechanisms of this wonderful site very well.)

      We have a very good name for this idea, if I do say so myself.


      (Long ago and far away I spent some time in the advertising world, and I understand the value of a good brand name.)

      How do we push this PAST the posters whose comments essentially say "Yes, I'm there already"? Preaching to the choir is the single most wasteful thing about blog world.

      I do not know, myself.

      But I DO know that it is a good and powerful idea whose time has just about come.

      More discussion of this, please?

      Inquiring minds want to know.

      Inquiring minds want to GO!!!

      Let us DO something, instead of letting this idea peter out in the fog of news-speak and hottest-thing-ever that fills the airwaves.

      Any ideas?

      Or shall we go back to considering the depths of Michael Jackson's various neuroses?


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