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View Diary: Daily Kos Elections Polling Wrap: Coin flip persists as debate season concludes (367 comments)

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  •  Detail from the AZ Carmona report. (0+ / 0-)

    That campaign can also use contributions, obviously.

    -- Carmona’s personal popularity is stronger than Flake’s

    Carmona’s personal popularity stands at a net: 42% favorable – 34% unfavorable.

    He enjoys solid popularity with registered Independents, 43% favorable – 30% unfavorable.

    Jeff Flake’s personal popularity is mixed, 41% favorable – 41% unfavorable.

    Flake is underwater with Hispanic voters, 28% favorable – 49% unfavorable.

    Flake’s standing is also net-negative with registered Independents: 35% favorable – 43% unfavorable.

    Flake’s attacks are backfiring
    Flake’s most recent personal attack ad featuring a former colleague falsely accusing Carmona of misdeeds has appeared to backfire.

    Not only has Flake’s unfavorable rating increased since he began airing those attacks. But based on what voters have seen from Flake in the last two weeks, twice as many voters say their opinions of the Congressman have become less favorable (24%) than more favorable (10%).

    Half of voters (50%) are familiar with Jeff Flake’s personal attacks on Richard Carmona, but among those who have heard them, nearly 60% believe it is just "dirty politics” (including 67% of Independents), while only 23% think his attacks are believable.

    Send money. Recoup with Intrade. And beware that the latter 23% are armed, disordered and dangerous.


    (Sorry, Nate. When the GOPers run a Flake, AZ is a battleground state for the Senate. Dr. Carmona would have to win by 10% to make Obama competitive, which is almost possible.)

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