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View Diary: Where's the "Judicial Emergency" Scottie? (201 comments)

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  •  Love it, but (none)
    I'm not getting my hopes up.  How many times have we read transcripts of the press grilling McClellan where we thought "this is it! they're finally going to wake up and write some hard-hitting journalism!" and they put out the same mush-mouthed crap based on a Repubs said-Dems said "balance" that never pointed out that the Repubs were fucking lying?  I know I've had that feeling a lot.  

    But I have to confess, it still thrills me to read someone standing up to Bush even through McClellan, even if they don't follow through.  I still think "maybe this will be the outrage that pushes the press or, hell, the whole country, over the edge into refusal to accept the Republican con job."  Faith and hope are some pretty strong fucking things I guess.

    •  It thrills.. (4.00)
      and then....THE "MEMO"...Fabulous FABULOUS msm coverage...I don't even hope anymore...Kiss it goodbye...The Roman Empire really started collapsing when the anti-republicans started packing their version of the courts--BY CHEATING!!!  Guess what's happening?  

      Every time we hope enough of the Repub "moderates" (WHAT?  Mc Cain is a FUCKING MODERATE?) will have enough hormonal fortitude to stand up to the assholes, we get disappointed.  Do you really think they will have the fortitude this time?  REALLY?  Even ONE reason to believe so????  I'm willing to clutch at straws--just give me even ONE to clutch at!!!!

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