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  •  Yes, that was a RTHA in the video (4+ / 0-)
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    lineatus, mikidee, tgypsy, KenBee

    I noticed it only because the Gray turned and acted "alert" all of a sudden.
    I also saw another raptor that turned out to be a Lineatus just before getting off the highway. I doubled back to check and make sure it wasn't the Gray.
    I've had others tell me they saw it eating bird.

    •  when we were looking for it there were three RT (1+ / 0-)
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      soaring at about 300' in that area, all along Sc lane and the marsh.

      We gave up and went out in the marsh and were thrilled to watch a Kite doing what Kites do.

         Up on Foothill Rd inland from there 1/4 mile there was a big Cooper's hawk on a phone pole with a Kestrel giving her an earful, she flew when I stopped and turned to look and flew in your video's direction.

      Thanks for the video, there is also a video from a great source of Vimeo's from a link thru the SBCO birding site..I was dumb to not bookmark it, grrrr....but he has a great collection of bird and critter videos, worth looking for..there is a grey hawk link at the sbco link...his grey hawk vids are really excellent of this bird, done with big glass, heh.

      Happy new year y'all, sorry I didn't get here on sunday...thanks for all these Lineatus, you have given great riches with these, and  'thanks' just ain't enough!


      This machine kills Fascists.

      by KenBee on Tue Jan 01, 2013 at 02:15:01 AM PST

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