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View Diary: Cons hilariously try to defend Romney's 'route to sea' gaffe (322 comments)

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  •  Warm water ports equal year round (8+ / 0-)

    activity. The problem Russia faced was that the straits between Denmark and Norway/Sweden are easily blockaded- keeping their Baltic Fleet bottled up. Likewise, that little thing called the Crimean War was intended to end Russian dominance in the Black Sea region. Russia was making great gains against the Ottomans and needed to be curtailed.

    Now, they still hold a warm water port in Odessa but it suffers from the fact that a NATO ally and age old enemy- Turkey- holds the Bosphorus.

    Iran's coastline, OTOH, would have offered better prospects for a surface fleet. Albiet quite a long ways from the Russian heartland...

    A Victory Garden documents my family's experience transitioning from suburban lawn to edible food forest based on permaculture principles. A new blog following my life as an immigrant in Finland will be up soon.

    by FinchJ on Tue Oct 23, 2012 at 01:11:56 PM PDT

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