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View Diary: Cons hilariously try to defend Romney's 'route to sea' gaffe (322 comments)

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  •  If anyone really tries to defend this... (1+ / 0-)
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    zesty grapher can point out the following:

    1) US Sixth Fleet owns the Mediterranean.  Given that the F-18 Hornet has a range of 2000 miles, the carrier can sit on the far side of Cyprus and still cover the entirety of Syrian airspace.

    2) US Fifth Fleet roams the Arabian Sea, Persian Gulf and East Africa.

    3) As Kos mentioned, USAF aircraft stationed at Incirlik AB, Turkey would also have the entirety of Syrian airspace within their range.

    4) It's safe to assume that, if it came to shooting, we'd also have the assistance of the Turkish, Israeli and UK navies.  (The UK still maintains a naval presence in the Mediterranean.)

    In short, there's no way a Syria-to-Iran supply line could be maintained, whether it were to be a land route, an air route or a naval route.

    What idiocy.

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