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View Diary: Tommy Thompson drags out 9/11 to falsely attack Tammy Baldwin (22 comments)

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  •  Tammy should respond with her record (5+ / 0-)
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     Tammy was wise enough not to vote for the folly in Iraq, unlike Tommy, who was in Bush;s Cabinet at the time. I'd cut an ad with Tammy speaking to the camera saying "I cared about the troops and this country enough to stand up to George Bush and refused to vote to send our men and women to a stupid war."

       If you look at Tammy's career, she gets it right the vast majority of the time (she also voted against Glass-Steagal repeal, another stupid rush to judgment by Congress that we're still paying the price for). I think a good positive, strong ad with Tammy out front would out this thing away. Especially since millions are being spent trying to smear her, a message of "Do I look like someone scary or crazy?" would probably seal the deal.

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