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View Diary: LMAO - Chickenbloggers Respond to Galloway. (47 comments)

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    That's how it played in Downing Street, number 10. If you recall, the occupant is under fire and may be unseated by backbenchers because of his conspiratorial role in the lead-up to the United States unprovked invasion of an unarmed sovereign nation. True, Phony Tony was cheered and applauded when he spoke to the nation in a full session of congress. But he's still envious of Galloway, it's killing him.

    Phony Tony plays the well-known pantomime rôle of Sweeny Todd the Barber. And that's IT, for him.

    This will supply you with what you need to know about how Number 10 operates:
    Cruel, pitiful, miserable vicious, : worthy of death by hanging?

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