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View Diary: Repeal the EM law in Michigan (3 comments)

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  •  Name one new solution (0+ / 0-)

    There's been a LOT of options that have been attempted over the decades in places where the EM law has been exercised, mostly by urban-area Democrats.  Those attempts ended in failure.  What new ideas do you have?

    "Just say no" isn't going to cut it.  Someone has to advocate a positive plan that actually has some real hope of addressing the type of problems that the EM law was designed to "fix".

    Don't get me wrong -- I'm for democracy.  But democracy isn't always easy or pretty.  What I've seen of the EM debate in Michigan amounts to "this is wrong", but doesn't go beyond that.  We need to go beyond that if we're actually going to take care of people.  We need to get beyond that if we're going to get rid of the EM law.

    •  Actually I would refer you to an interview (0+ / 0-)

      via the link below, which discusses the beginning of what might be considered solutions:

      Again, I consider the interview to be the beginning of a discussion of what might work to address these issues.  You are absolutely right, it isn't easy or pretty and we do need to go beyond repeal  

      I would also recommend that you look at Amy Hardin's democracy tree blog where she considers varioius issues facing Michigan including the EM law.  I imagine she would welcome ideas, suppport and discussion.


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