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View Diary: President Obama: Ohio won't forget that Romney was against the auto bailout (64 comments)

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  •  Not sure I like this attack (0+ / 0-)

    Makes people look for the infamous op-Ed in the New York Times. Even the times points out that Romney called for government backed financing.

    Could be used against O and B as baseless. Not sure that's what's needed at this late stage.

    •  AFTER recovering from Bankruptcy which NEVER (1+ / 0-)
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      would have your point is not well taken. Steve Ratner, Obama's car czar today said just that on Hardball. Romney wanted private sector financing first. But there was NO capital to do that......

      •  Not quite factual (0+ / 0-)

        However I'm done on this topic. I see I've started something I didn't intend to.

      •  this is exactly (1+ / 0-)
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        what i heard him say on MSNBC today.
        The panel agreed that it was not the right way to go and in no way resembled what the President ultimately did do. there was no money to be loaned. the conclusion was that rmoney's solution would have caused a piecemeal selloff of detroit. It would have spelled the end. full stop. out.

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        by longtimelurker on Tue Oct 23, 2012 at 05:05:42 PM PDT

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    •  NOT government backed financing (0+ / 0-)

      Government insured PRIVATE credit - which DID NOT EXIST in the climate of financial meltdown which was happening at that time.

      Jeezus. Why does this have to be constantly repeated? Is it that hard to understand?

    •  How? (0+ / 0-)

      Sure after bankruptcy. Who would have bailed Detroit in those crunch years?

    •  Well, two things (0+ / 0-)

      First of all, there were no private investors lining up to provide financing, so Romney's suggestion that the government guarantee non-existent private financing was worthless.  Secondly, the idea that undecided voters are going to go through the effort of digging up an NYT article from four years ago is extremely unrealistic.

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      by rfahey22 on Tue Oct 23, 2012 at 04:36:49 PM PDT

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    •  What percentage of low-information (0+ / 0-)

      voters who, not surprisingly, support Romney-Ryan do you think will read the Op-Ed of the New York Times?

      I don't think very many.  

      Romney said what he said about Detroit.  It was a dumb move then and it plays poorly now.  That is the late stage.

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