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  •  I'll also say that I have more respect for YouGov (6+ / 0-)

    after reading the article. After reading the article it is apparent that YouGov is not some shoestring operation like Gravis or a couple other American robo pollers. I don't know if YouGov is accurate, but it is readily apparent that there are professionals behind the operation.

    •  I absolutely agree (3+ / 0-)

      I used to think Yougov was completely bunk and useless but they actually take a lot of care and use great methodology in their polls. I totally agree with you about the diarist as well. Much more helpful to include a snippet of this article in your diary.

    •  boy this article (5+ / 0-)

      clears things up quite a bit. And helps me deal with the emotional whipsaw of dueling poll results. It also echos what the Obama team has been saying for a long time and gives them guarded optimism going forward. Will this information cure my anxiety? Probably not.

    •  Interesting that if we make (0+ / 0-)

      YouGov a favourite pollster alongside 538, we'd be lining up the two best advocates of the opposite theory of 'changeable party ID' in poll weighting. 538 says that it IS changeable, YouGov that it is basically stable.

      The end result, curiously, is that BOTH of them ended up being very accurate in prior elections. This is probably because YouGov has the advantage of a very stable sampling frame and 538 has the ability to screen variance through its monster model. Luckily, as they are both in the same place re: the current state of the race, we won't have to choose between them.

      "Both sides are just the same." Voter shorthand for: "I'm not paying attention".

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