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View Diary: Obama Nightly News: Don't Know Much About Geography (36 comments)

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  •  Don't know much about history (2+ / 0-)
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    reflectionsv37, blue jersey mom

    I got a D on the economy,
    Paid no attention to my science book,
    Don't remember any class I took

    But I do know that they love me
    the bouncing barbie dolls on Fox TV
    What a corporatist world this can be.

    Don't know shit about geography
    And I fuck up trigonometry
    I pay guys to fake my tax returns
    What I really paid no one will ever learn.

    Hell I barely know that one and one is two
    And if this one could sucker you
    What a corporatist world this can be.

    Now I don't claim to be an "A" student
    But I'll lie and say
    That if you believe I'm an "A" student baby
    Maybe you'll vote for me today

    Don't know shit about no budget bills
    But paying taxes really makes me ill
    When the rich get richer I get a thrill
    What a one percent world this can be.

    And I do know that for all you dopes
    I'd rather peddle fear than point to hope
    For Muslim Negro boys I'd bring the rope
    What a Republican world this could be.

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