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View Diary: Indiana GOP Sen Candidate Mourdock: G-d Intended Rape Pregnancies to Happen (300 comments)

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  •  You only believe what the Old Testament (0+ / 0-)

    says if you chose to do so.

    There is the New Testament of Jesus.

    The Old Testament is more like a history book and the New Testament is more like "throw out all that old crap."

    So, I do not equate the "GOD" of Christians to the "GOD" of the Old Testament.  

    Just because some of these Whackos call themselves Christians does not make it so.  They do not follow the teachings of Christ.  They are Old Testament Bible thumpers.

    Jesus said if you gather your reward here on earth then you have your reward. (paraphrase)  There will be no reward for you after life here.  Jesus also said his house has many mansions and he has prepared a place for us.
    I wonder what kind of "place" he has prepared for the
    liars, bible thumpers, greedy bastards and the like. (Romney, I am looking at you)

    I am sure my place will be full of cats!

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