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  •  we are losing !! sorry gang (none)
    my somewhat random subset of media watching has been about the same for months & months & months, and, the local news soundbites (NBC and ABC affiliates) and the national news soundbites (NBC) are almost straight out of the whitehouse playbook. the thugs just want a fair vote, and dems are blocking a fair vote.

    And, that is here in Seattle, where no one would care if bush said he talks to god, cuz over 80% of the people here think bush is a fascist anyway.

    rueters has been using their framing alot, wapo is using their framing alot, and that has as much to do with MSM spinelessness as our ineffectiveness with hammering home enough short soundbites.

    I hope I am wrong, but, I remember that there was a lot of hostile coverage of Raygun's screw the little guy  / protect teh big guy policies in '83 and '84, and look at what that bozo got away with.  The thug message machine was kicking dem ass 20 years ago, it is orders of magnitude more effective now compared to then, and our messages are too long, too complicated, too random - too keystone cops.

    there HAVE to be things that would work, I don't know what they are, I am not one of the Dem 6 to 7 figure consultants living large in the beltway, but, why aren't we running ads in red world with Teddy and Hillary as supreme court justices? if the senate goes Dem in 08 or 0-whatever, AND there ain't no fillibuster, then we'll get to nominate Bernie Sanders !! not that I'd care - BUT, it might make some red staters think twice about ditching a tool they used to stop civil rights for decades ...  

    maybe our consultants and message people are too corrupt to risk insulting the system? If they aren't too corrupt, they are certainly too incompetent to be running the opposition.


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