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  •  I have this sinking feeling (none)
    That we're going to lose this one.

    The media are framing this as "the majority just wants an up-or-down vote on their judicial nominees and the Democrats won't allow it."  It makes the Democrats look like a bunch of crybaby obstuctionists, thwarting the will of the people.

    None of this is true, of course, but that's not the way it's coming across.

    veritas vos liberabit

    by WWGray on Wed May 18, 2005 at 06:33:02 AM PDT

    •  Yeah... (none)
      I was watching the Today show for the simplistic version (I can always count on Katie and Matt for this) that will filter to the masses...I was very disappointed in the discussion with Tweety this morning.  It was up or down v. "some say" infringing rights of the minority.  Not the "isn't this another showing of the Republicans attempting to do a power grab" that I hoped for.

      There needs to be an attack by the Dems to put Frist on the defensive about this whole thing, maybe dig dirt on Priscilla Owen so we can say, "and they wanted to change the rules of the Senate for this person".  Only way I see this going in the right direction.

      But I trust in Reid.  The guy has been right way more times than I have.  And I have a feeling he will work his magic even if we lose the battle.  I thought the Shiavo thing was a catastrophe for us, a few days later it was a catastrophe for them, and Reid knew it way before I did.  In Reid I Trust.

      •  Yeah yeah (none)
        The Republicans, as ever, have turned this into a story about, for lack of a better word, values.

        On our side, we have a lot of talk about the Rules of the Senate and the Senate Parlimentarian and two-thirds majorities, etc.  And this stuff makes peoples' eyes glaze over.

        What Frist and his puppetmaster Dobson are doing here is a power grab, plain and simple.  They have just enough votes in the Senate to pass anything they want, and they honestly don't think anything should stand in their way.  That's what this story is about.

        veritas vos liberabit

        by WWGray on Wed May 18, 2005 at 07:24:31 AM PDT

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