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  •  Excuse the mess above (none)
    My main computer is down and I am working with a pda and accidently hit the format as HTML drop down box.

    Anyway is is a list of the many attempts at filibuster made by many Republicans startiing with Fortas, except that the filibusters were broken.

    This includes the nomination of Richard Paez.

    When this filibuster was broken, Jeff Sessions immediately called for a vote to indefinitely postpone voting on Paez, which also failed.

    Starting with Abe Fortas, who Strom Thurmond openly opposed because of Fortas religion,Republicans started as many as 13 filibusters of Clinton nominees that they could not block in comittee, both executive and judicial.

    The biggest crybabies were those who started and voted for filibusters during the Clinton Administration.

    Even Bill Frist filibustered one CLinton nominee.

    They began the process of filibistering judicial nominees over 40 years ago, and continued it through the Clinton Administration.

    What angers them is that Democrats have used effectively what they failed to use. THis is a testimony to Democratic cohesion on this issue and the fact that they have failed to break the filibusters is a clear indication of the extremism of the nominees, as when Republican attempted to filibuster Clinton nominations, there were enough defections from the Republicans to break them. On the other hand Republicans cannot get any Democrat to break ranks.

    Even John Mc Cain was active in attempts to filibuster Clinton nominees, and Every one of the biggest whiners like Lott, Crapo, and Hatch attmepted as many as thirteen filibusters.

    The filibuster, and the ability of a very concerned minority to block efforts of a majority is at the very heart of out demoocracy, and is the one thing that makes our democracy distinct from all other democracies in the world. It is why when other democracies have failed, or become dictatorships in all but name, ours has survived every
    crisis that it has faced.

    Nothing is more important to our democracy than the filibuster to prevent a "tyranny of the majority".


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