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View Diary: Understanding the Republican "Nuclear Option" (185 comments)

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  •  Amazing... (none)
    how the Republican party doesn't even allow hearings for 60 Clinton nominees, yet screams "obstruction" at the mere instance that Democrats are threatening to filibuster a certain group of judges.  The Dems have allowed 208 out of 218 Bush nominees to be confirmed and they've been allowed hearings. Now, you have a Republican party crying for an up-and-down vote that isn't even guaranteed under the rules of the Senate.  

    Who are the real obstructionists?  The party that would not allow 60 Clinton nominees a hearing are the real obstructionists... The Republican Party. I think the Democrats are doing the best they can by unifying and holding together when Republicans are trying their damndest to subvert the Senate and abuse the rules to favor their own power.  I say keep giving them hell.

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