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View Diary: Understanding the Republican "Nuclear Option" (185 comments)

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  •  Threaten all companies that gave to their election (none)
    Make a list of all companies that gave to their election campaigns and boycott them.  Also, have workers from those companies use all their vacation and sick time next week or at the earliest they can...non hourly workers call in sick at only those companies...give workers day off if you have the control...

    There are many things you can ask for that will make them say, "hey buddy, we're against this nuclear option thing"...

    I'll tell you, locally we had a Wal Mart that wanted to open a 24 box store in a neighborhood and they had the legal ability to do it under current ordinances.  Well, the neighborhood associations all started challenging the permits for Walmart and show up to public hearings on EVERY WalMart action in town to make EVERYTHING difficult...and they backed down.  I thought we were screwed, but they backed down.  They were already doing the pad site leasing when it was freaking great...

    Have to be organized, have to be legal, and you have to cost them money.  There is a way, folks, just got to be creative.

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