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View Diary: Richard Wolfe-Romney Doesn't Think Voters are Stupid. Romney KNOWS the Press is Stupid (149 comments)

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  •  That's idiotic. (0+ / 0-)

    I suppose that they and their miniscule audience were responsible for the results of the flash polls that declared Romney the overwhelming winner.

    We like it when they report the facts. We insist that the facts have a liberal bias. Well, sometimes, the facts are simply against us. Were they supposed to stop being who they were and give up their credibility just to make people here feel better? That's pretty fox-like.

    Just maybe, your anger should be directed at the president for phoning in his debate performance that night.

    •  First of all, it was not a minuscule audience. (0+ / 0-)

      Not on the night of the first debate it wasn't.  Around 60 million people were watching, and you can bet they were listening in to see what the panelists had to say in response.

      Second, it is their responsibility to report facts most especially after a debate.  They didn't lend a hand to our President to inform their viewers about all the Romney lies throughout the debate, highlight that he was controlling the conversations, not actually answering questions, and controlling the moderator (I believe Lehrer was a lousy moderator and Romney took full advantage).

      Third, the facts were NOT against us in that debate.  I watched it three times.  Our President stood there, unlike Romney, and gave fact after fact.  

      The crew on MSNBC didn't show they had any credibility.  Not in my book they didn't.  They sat there screaming and whining as though they were watching a talent show and their guy didn't put on a show.

      No.  I'm ticked about this.  Had they been responsible and pointed out the facts vs. Romney's lies, I am convinced the response by others on MSNBC and on other networks who DO listen to this particular crew on that MSNBC panel, would have taken note.  As it was, only Reverend Sharpton had the whole picture about what actually happened, and said so immediately.

      Watch the debate again, and then tell me which candidate was credible in the debate, and who actually won.  The winner was our President, even if he was "looking down."  He was looking down because the man he expected to turn up was a totally different guy, with one lie after another.  

      Even Senator John Kerry said that had our President called him on every lie it would have taken a 3 hour debate... and that's only if the moderator had told Romney to STFU, stay on topic.  

      I would rather spend my life searching for truth than live a single day within the comfort of a lie. ~ John Victor Ramses

      by KayCeSF on Wed Oct 24, 2012 at 04:04:16 PM PDT

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