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View Diary: Real Clear Politics, Horse-race Media, and Why You are Falling for a "Close Race" (112 comments)

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  •  At least Morning Joe is ignoring Gallup's polling (1+ / 0-)
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    results, completely.

    I get a flavor for what the day is going to be like based on Scarborough's demeanor.  This morning, totally down in the dumps.  Didn't mention outlier/outlying Gallup at all.  Had RCP guy on suggesting that folks scout his poll TWICE a day.  All they want to do is drive traffic.

    Interesting too that they didn't mention early voting ratio's are Obama's Jim Messina's conference call yesterday.  Basically, early voters are comprised of young women under 30, more latina/o, and there are less Republicans voting in Ohio.

    My conclusion:  Romney's momentum narrative is a myth.  Obama's ground game is winning the day but the lamestream media chooses to ignore that fact, while ginning up business with the lie of this being a close race.

    •  oh yeah (0+ / 0-)

      LOVE me some bummed-out Joe :)
       I stopped watching after 1st debate 'cuz I could not handle Joe's smarmy gloating face. He seems to be subdued again after last 2 debates; still DVR it and then usually delete it unless Heilemann's on...

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