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    I was laying awake last night trying to figure out the descrepancy. I had just checked RCP no toss up map and Obama had gained in it! And yet here it was Romney was ahead in nearly every national poll. So would I rather by Obama or Romney, Obama for sure. Romney had just lost another 10 EVs in the last week, all while nationally surging. The only since it makes to me is that Romney is running up big totals in states like Utah and Oklahoma, which get him nothing and narrowing gaps in true blue states like California, turning it from a 25 point win for Obama to a 20 point win. He's like a little kid playing chess, taking pieces and thinking he's winning all the way he's getting set up for a check mate by BO.

    The GOP believe in redistribution of wealth, as long as it's from the many to the few.

    by president raygun on Wed Oct 24, 2012 at 06:37:11 AM PDT

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