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  •  I voted on Monday (7+ / 0-)

    Wish I could vote for  Senate candidate as cool as Mr. Brown. But straight-ticket Democrat in Texas is the best I can do.

    •  Dear Senator Brown: (4+ / 0-)
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      My father (a Veteran) already voted for you, my mother (a Professor) will be voting for you, I will be voting for and now donating to you (an attorney, and since we weren't in the same fraternity I'd be happy if you needed any staff as you are one of very few Politicians I believe, and proud to have as my Rep.).

      WHEN you get reelected is please fight for more Research and Educational money for our state. My mother is a great Poet. She worked for CSU (never tenured) for 7 years full-time. They created it as a "tenure-track" position and hired someone else. Now she's an even greater poet with another degree, and primarily as a secretary, only teaching at night. People like her that played by all the rules, invested their education and passion and lives in Ohio, it breaks my heart that I cant help her get a "tenure" job, as just no one is hiring.

      Cleveland is doing a lot to be relevant. I think that it is in part a recognition LTV (where my grandfather worked for 50 years) is not coming back. But as a result we are finding out how diverse and unique we are, what we have to offer. I was shocked at how many groups at the "Ingenuity Festival" want to get that message out. That Foreign Countries have chosen Ohio to be the location of Partnerships for medium sized business.

      Ohioans love to work, and learn. We don't have to be the "rust belt" we can lead in other areas. I hope that a greater stimulus is passed. It is great that we want to give access to college, but I know so many who are stuck because they are beaten down by ridiculous tuition amounts. Those folks would be buying houses and cars.

      Also, it seems we are great at shooting ourselves in the foot. We could have had at least a start with Railroads. We have the funds to prevent a tragedy from the inter-belt collapsing. I don't know how you can affect that as it is all Kasich's doing, but it is just wrong. Wrong to hold us hostage unless we sell I-80/76 like Indiana did.

      There is just so much double talk and bureacracy. My guess is you get us the funds and Kasich refuses to let signs go up that says this is paid for by stimulus. Those were important when up (trust me). But even on our side, we are ignoring the Environment. The biggest issue as I age and have Children. And I see first hand in fighting the government that their focus is on here and there, vendettas. They shut down a project I am counsel on stalled it for 10 years and may never happen. I would suggest getting Congress to define Wetlands as how the EPA enforces it now is completely out of touch (all of Ohio would be). Land next to a drainage ditch for a highway shouldn't prevent a construction project that is going to create jobs. But we've let it. And the SCOTUS has said Congress needs to replace the 1987 manual. I have nothing against the environment, but in seeing this matter, I have something against how the EPA is stifling projects for no reason using an illegal doc (it never went through a true notice and public comment).

      I suppose I just hope you get the message out that Ohioans are just as passionate as you, as when they were counted on like my Grandfather. Invest in us, and you will reap the rewards.

      Yours Truly,

      Cleveland Attorney

      P.S. Hope you have an Ad from the Canton radio show where they hung up on Mandel :p

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