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View Diary: NC Early Voting Day 6: 135K Minority/Dem '08 Non-Early-Voters Have Voted… Vs 78K White GOPers (96 comments)

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  •  dalton doesn't do himself any favors (6+ / 0-)

    to raise money among democrats (myself included) you need to have a message that appeals to base.  "i'm not pat mccrory" is not that message.

    sure, maybe that message will you get some votes, but it's not an effective message for donors.  when i can give my money to obama, to elizabeth warren (b/c US senate is important too) and nc supreme court....why would i give my money to walter dalton?

    there are A LOT of democratic priorities to go around this election cycle.  NC governor is ONE of them.  so for governor dalton to go around talking about the fracking veto is one he wouldn't have signed and other rethug policies....

    who is he talking to?  not to me.

    i had actually signed up for re-occuring contributions to dalton's campaign but had to re-allocate my funding when he decided it was better to appeal to republicans (who were never going to vote for him anyway) than to be a real democrat.  

    democrats in NC suffered through this with easley.  we have the blue dogs.  there's nothing like republican lite candidates to embolden the myth that there's no difference between the two parties--so why does my vote matter?

    dalton has no campaign because he's nothing the base can be excited over.  dems refuse to learn that lesson even when the stakes couldn't be higher.

    when there's a limited amount of resources (and there are!), dems will funnel those towards their progressives.  republicans, even with all their flaws, understand that.  

    for folks who pride themselves on believing in evolution and understanding our mistakes--we're lightyears behind on this one.

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