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View Diary: NC Early Voting Day 6: 135K Minority/Dem '08 Non-Early-Voters Have Voted… Vs 78K White GOPers (96 comments)

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    I voted Monday and there was a good turnout. The early vote makes a huge difference. While leaving the polls I ran into 4 people from church that will be voting for Romney, elderly and very conservative. They told me that many of the GOP are voting early to save time in standing in line Election Day. Interesting. Our county is very transient with military and government contractors. The polls that are taken in this area are inconsistent due to pollsters calling the military and asking who they will vote for and not realizing many of the military will actually not vote. I find this sad being a prior service Marine. The military here is hard pressed to take interest in their community. They should vote but judging by past local and national elections they don't turn out. The locals are the chunk of voters. I think it is  important no matter where my family gets stationed I prepare myself to vote! I always spoke to my young Marines of the importance and told them to use absentee ballots, crickets... I think NC will show their support for POTUS!

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