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  •  There's a lot of cheerleading (0+ / 0-)

    and repeating of Obama camp/ 2008ish thinking here.  But close to no understanding of how Ralph Reed's GOTV organizing works.  Or the huge amount of low information, low voting motivation but right-conservative leaning people they target successfully.  And just how much money and manpower they have.

    In 2004 we had the same thing on DKos- people in the Kerry campaign GOTV effort telling everyone "hey, we've done it right, our numbers are awesome and so much better than the other side's, we've got this."  And on Election Day 2004 the other side turned out 5 million more voters than expected.

    •  They successfully used ballot initiatives (0+ / 0-)

      to get evangelicals to vote. That was their MO in 2004. Rove promised 5 million evangelicals and he got them with gay marriage amendments.

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