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  •  the latter. weird. they have a win at all costs (0+ / 0-)

    view where the morality of the means to the ends is irrelevant; however, they refuse to move into the 21st century and treat everybody equally and provide equal opportunity to all.

    The numbers / strategies guys that are honest, realistic, and well-informed know that their party's platform, to the extent that it is known, costs their party votes from anybody who is not a white, affluent male or a bigot. There are not many of those people in the GOP, but there are a few. And they get shouted down by the bigots, the retrogrades, and the 1 percent. So, they retain the same backwards policies and try to market them more successfully and hide what they think will hurt them.

    This already hurts them; however, if there policies were more widely known they would be in much worse shape. If their party's platform ever becomes really widely known, they are done. Even with the current knowledge level, the demographic trends are just devastating to the gop. Hispanics and LGBT and other groups are fairly aware of the xenophobia rampant in the GOP and know that the GOP and their policies hurt them. However, I would postulate (predict) that the more that a member of a diverse demographic group knows the specifics, the details, of the policy positions taken by the republicans in their party's platform (and the extent to which the party's standard bearer is obliged to embrace them), the more inclined that person would be to vote for the Democratic Party's candidate. Again, even at current knowledge level, an evolutionary or darwinian process is at work. They must evolve or die. In the final analysis, they will probably die.

    The republican party is the party for rich, white, men and bigots. And their party makes the country and the world worse for all who inhabit it, even, ultimately, for those people who are bringing about their own demise.

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