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View Diary: Daily Kos Elections Polling Wrap: Muddled messages about the post-debate electoral state of play (330 comments)

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  •  We need to get Clinton or Obama back out (5+ / 0-)

    to WA state. Unbelievably, Inslee is blowing it big time.......... we may get another R governor in this country. And McKenna is much smarter than Walker or Kasich.

    •  Don't jump off the ledge dude (8+ / 0-)

      It's an obvious outlier. Every other poll shows Inslee ahead. Elway must have a really strict LV screen, since their last poll was RV.

      •  Elway is the best pollster in the state. Inslee (0+ / 0-)

        has been running a terrible campaign. His ads smell up the McKenna is outspending him. McKenna is not to be ignored........Inslee is the mouse up against a snake.

        •  Inslee is awful? (0+ / 0-)

          That's funny, I distinctly remember McKenna leading by 5-10 points in 2011 and early 2012 only for Inslee to surge in the summer and overtake him. Sounds like a pretty good campaigner to me. I don't know why you're handwringing over a poll showing him 2 points down when no other pollster shows him losing.

          •  That was two months ago in one poll. Most polls (0+ / 0-)

            have been close and Inslee rarely cracks the 50 ceiling.........and WA state is a blue state.

            •  I expect a last effort in Washington (0+ / 0-)

              The poll is not bad only for Inslee, most of the statewide races down in close margins from previous polls. Surely is a different campaigning style. Inslee seems a man that concentrate efforts in the last days of the campaigns.

              I worry a little but I think Inslee will win this race. He and all the other statewide Democratic candidates.

    •  It's One Poll.... (9+ / 0-)

      And one with a very surprising partisan breakdown (D 34, R 30). Either the whole state has moved rightward since 2010, or that seems hinky to me. But, they've got a long history there, lots of polls have had that race close, and I'd be concerned if I was a Dem there.

      "Every one is king when there's no one left to pawn" (BRMC)
      Contributing Editor, Daily Kos/Daily Kos Elections

      by Steve Singiser on Wed Oct 24, 2012 at 07:40:11 PM PDT

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      •  That's why I sent money to Inslee (3+ / 0-)
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        Supavash, LordMike, keetz4

        I finally broke down and sent money to Inslee. Too many independents in this state think of McKenna has a centrist moderate...but I'll never forgive him for jumping on the kill-Obamacare-lawsuit bandwagon.

      •  Thanks Steve for your comments. (1+ / 0-)
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        Inslee is not running a good race. His ads come off very generic; McKenna's come off sophisticated. McKenna attacks Inslee over and over again on the same issues. Inslee appears to be ignoring them instead of confronting them.

        As attorney general, McKenna is a state wide vote getter. Inslee is a congressman with no state wide experience. Inslee is coming off like a rube; McKenna looks very smart and moderate......even though he is not a moderate. Money is pouring in from out of state for he has twice as many ads running as Inslee. In most polls, Inslee never breaches 50 in a blue state.

        I kept hoping that Obama's coattails would be big enough to carry him over the top but the presidential race is narrowing even here. Inslee's in trouble.

        •  The Wa poll has women breaking R (2+ / 0-)
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          LordMike, Pale Jenova

          from their previous poll. I find that hard to believe in this cycle and especially considering McKenna's suit against the health care act.

          I do think the outside money is pummling Inslee and that is the reason this race has tighted in the last couple of weeks.  About the time the Big Dog visted Seattle in mid-September, Inslee was consistently up 3-6 pts.

    •  Is he? How? (0+ / 0-)

      I live in WA and don't think McKenna will prevail.

    •  Sad to say, a governor's race doesn't mean (0+ / 0-)

      squat in the last two weeks of a close presidential election.  They need to stick to the swing states.

      The dogmas of the quiet past, are inadequate to the stormy present

      by Inkin on Wed Oct 24, 2012 at 08:20:36 PM PDT

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