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View Diary: Of course Romney stands by his extra special favorite Senate candidate (78 comments)

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  •  This really is the worst campaign ever (9+ / 0-)

    Just for insurance against any "poisoning the well" accusations, just remember that it's not so much that Romney endorsed the guy before the "gift of God" bit came out, but largely because he didn't do his homework prior to that endorsement. In other words, Romney showed poor judgment in cutting an ad, when Mourdock was apparently out and about flaunting some pretty terrifying views ("we need more zealots" in Congress being one case, and expressions of one-party rule being another; the climate change is a "hoax" is terrifying enough, but has passed screening all too many times to be a new issue.)

    So now, Romney is between a rock and a hard place. And his move? Go with a pyrrhic victory by continuing to endorse the guy, because it may still lead to a Senate seat hold. The ultimate downside? Both Mourdock and Romney lose. In the games of probability, these are really bad choices on Romney's part.

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    by rovertheoctopus on Wed Oct 24, 2012 at 10:44:31 AM PDT

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