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View Diary: Of course Romney stands by his extra special favorite Senate candidate (78 comments)

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    Do we have more than this?  All of this is important, and Mourdock needs to lose, but what about Obama's agenda?  He needs to runon that...Romney may beat us because he's running some form of plan, and some Americans just need to hear that someone has a plan...

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      Ridiculous comment.  You are not paying attention.  Passivity is not an excuse.  Obama has been talking about his agenda and indeed has "some form of plan. "  
      Read it.  Know it.  Everybody else does.

      he has been criss-crossing your state talking about it.  And he said it in every debate.  

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        I've been out door-to-dooring it for months now, so I'm not passive, someone asked me what Obama's plan was for his second term...because all she had heard about was automatic defense cuts (we have a base in town) and letting Bush's tax cuts lapse - both of which are fine to me, and I pointed out why to this person, and some things about hwo Obama would protect Planned Parenthood funding (she has no kids), but am afraid she wasn't moved...I even asked her if she had friends or family at the base, and she said no...but some local GOP'er's have been quietly advertising how much income the base brings to the area...I guess for the Republicans some government programs are ok...crap!

        •  Sorry. Good work. (0+ / 0-)

          This has been a Republican talking point this week ("where's his plan?  He's got no plan!") and so I snapped.  It irks me especially because the President had to spend so much time countering the B.S. that his own plan has not been spotlighted like it should.  But tell everybody that he has been talking about these things at the Convention, on the trail and now he has put it in the booklet that you have probably seen.

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            The thing that scared me is that the young lady was grilling me...I can handle wing-nuts, but she seemed so obviously a demographic for Obama that I was more than taken aback - I did my best, and hid my surprise, but she was earnestly asking me questions, I'd almost say she was an ambsuhing Republican but I know her fairly well...

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