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View Diary: Of course Romney stands by his extra special favorite Senate candidate (78 comments)

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  •  Even as a cynic, I really don't understand this... (4+ / 0-)
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    I mean, all decency and principles aside, Rmoney must know that -- as close as this race is -- he's absolutely got to close the gender gap to beat Obama in the battleground states. Denouncing what Mourdock said is one thing, but how can he continue to support the candidacy of a man who talks this way? And I don't buy that it was just a slip of the tongue or something that was "inelegantly" expressed either. Any politician who talks about rape, and the consequences thereof, as something that could be construed as "legitimate" or God's will needs to have his head examined. I don't care how precious one considers life to be. Isn't it obvious that politicizing a woman's trauma is unacceptable even for people who claim to be pro-life? This is just un-freaking-believeable.

    •  I have been trying to figure this out myself (0+ / 0-)

      And I am frankly mystified.  It would seem like it's one of:

      (1) He thinks it won't hurt him with women (either they won't notice (!) or that he just can't be any worse off with women.  I doubt both of these things mightily.

      (2) He thinks he's so far ahead that he can take the hit and is willing to do so for one extra senator.   Very hard to believe - he may bluster about his Gallup lead, but he should be able to read all the rest of the national polls and all the state polling and have a good idea where he stands.  And, in this model, he'd probably be moving into MI and PA (at least.)

      (3) He thinks he already toast so might as well play the best you can for the extra senator.  Seems unlikely...

      (4) The level of cluelessness in Romney/his campaign is simply epic.

      None of those really make sense to me.

      I am, frankly, mystified.

      •  All I can guess is what's behind door #2, Sloth... (0+ / 0-)

        ... The Rmoney campaign seems to have been riding a wave of "irrational exuberance" for some time now, especially since the Gallup national leads grew so big for a while. You're right that this doesn't make sense and is difficult to believe but -- considering the almost fanatical confidence some of Mitt's strategists have been expressing lately -- it seems your most likely explanation.

        OTOH, the constant drumbeat in the media about Rmoney's lead has freaked me out more than it perhaps should. But I am still spooked by it and hope our side is doing everything possible to beef up GOTV efforts for Dem congressional candidates as well as President Obama.

        In any event, if Rmoney's people think they can continue to support candidates like Mourdock and women won't notice or care, I believe they are in for a major shock on November 6th.

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