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View Diary: The Log Cabin Republicans are a sad and lonely group (102 comments)

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    I can totally see how someone could enjoy owning and maintaining firearms, but still support gay rights, women's rights, racial equality, social equality, and progressive taxation.  The gun issue stands apart from these other, more important pillars of the movement.  Also, deciding whether or not to own a gun is a personal choice, one which rational adults are allowed to make under our Constitution.

    Gay Republican groups, on the other hand, dedicate their time and energy to working with an establishment that, at best, is cynically willing to stir up vicious hatred against them and put restrictions on their civil rights on the ballot in order to win elections.  Log Cabin Republicans are willing to support a political party that has relentlessly sworn to treat them as second-class citizens because of an arbitrary and immutable property of their identity.

    And at least some of these GOP establishment types are not merely tolerant nihilists willing to be profiteers of this hatred -- some of them actually do think gay people are disgusting and should just go die in an alley somewhere.

    So no, I don't think the progressive RKBA contingent is analogous to the gay Republican lobby -- and in fact, since we don't really target groups of people to scapegoat and victimize, there is no comparable self-flagellating group on our side.

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