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View Diary: "Bodies on the Beach": GOP Strategy Must Fail (68 comments)

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    I hope my family enjoys it (snark).

    Four years of pounding Obama and Democrats for blaming Bush/Cheney for all the country's ills have inoculated Republicans from criticism of their own blatant sabotage of our economy for political gain - or at least they're counting on it playing out that way.

    I have other ideas and most of us here at kos do too, but we can't expect President Obama to carry this load because of the dynamics, but we can.

    Mr. Jones and other Democratic political leaders can point out 24/7 that Democrats cooperate with Republicans to move the country forward regardless and Republicans don't.

    Bill Clinton's 1993 Budget Reconciliation Act passed with zero Republican votes in the House and Senate and is widely cited for a lot of the credit for the prosperity of the nineties.

    Multiple Bush initiatives always had Democratic support, but here in the present day a 1.8 million jobs bill and currency manipulation bill have been quashed in the House by John Boehner and The Chamber of Commerce.

    We should be screaming from the rooftops from now to November 6th about the differences between the sabotage party and the Democratic Party that actually works across the aisle.

    Diversity of thought is wholly the province of Democrats anymore, just like always putting America first when the rubber hits the road.


    "extravagant advantage for the few, ultimately depresses the many." FDR

    by Jim R on Wed Oct 24, 2012 at 07:37:39 PM PDT

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