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    I'm a psychotherapist and do a lot of work with kids an adolescents.  They often report things that are difficult to hear and often difficult to believe.  Every institution has an established orthodoxy and the first reaction to a challenge of the orthodoxy is skepticism.  In my work it is called, "normalizing".  Even those who consider themselves child advocates often lead with normalizing perhaps, for some, as a means to explore the veracity of the issue raised.  But the result is always to drive the child underground and to delay any fact finding.  Even here in these exchanges on DKOS any comments that smack of conspiracy are vigorously challenged to the point of completely changing the subject.  With Lance, who became the face of the institution, normalization was the most comfortable route.  Romney might win and we can't live with the idea of a sociopath in the Presidency so a majority normalize.  That's how I see it.

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