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    At times, I seem to be the only person around who remembers Rasmussen's disastrous initial foray into polling, back when he didn't pretend to be unbiased. His Portrait of America survey projected Gore to lose by 8% and to receive 168 electoral votes. Rasmussen promptly vanished for two years and reappeared in 2002 on his current website, masquerading as a non-partisan pollster.

    And then there's RCP's final Electoral College analysis from Nov 6, 2000: Bush with 446 EVs over Gore with 92 EVs, a figure that should live in infamy.

    My point being, if Rasmussen and RCP can recover to become fixtures in today's online political world, you should have nothing to worry about.

    And, here's some redemption from the new Omaha World Herald Poll: Fischer 48%, Kerrey 45%. So, if your Nebraska polling truly is off the mark, at least you're in good company!

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