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View Diary: Wait, WHAT? Now President Obama is Lying About Detroit? Rachel Sets David Letterman Straight (165 comments)

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  •  I just watched the Frontline election (5+ / 0-)
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    special that compare and contrast the political careers of the president and Romney. One thing that jumped out about Romney, he's always wanted to be seen as a savior. With him, it's always been the application of business solutions to any problem-- the invisible hand having godlike powers to fix anything. From Bain to the Olympics to Romneycare all of his "solutions" have involved some form of private equity swooping in to save the day for "investors." But this is all he knows how to do. Dealing with problems on the national scale require real governance, not some goddamn board meeting. This is why Romney is the perfect candidate for the Republicans. If elected, he would soon be buried under the pressure of trying to implement bad ideas over bad situations. Meanwhile, the neocons would reascend to power and blow the planet up.

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