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View Diary: Wait, WHAT? Now President Obama is Lying About Detroit? Rachel Sets David Letterman Straight (165 comments)

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    In comments above the point was made that he brought forward the issue and allowed Rachel Maddow to explain it to his very large middle-America audience. And it does seem to have gotten people talking in more depth about the real and more complex truth of this situation. (Such as this diary today!) The true nature of Romney's evil intentions has been really obscured throughout this election.

    Everyone knows he said "Let Detroit go bankrupt" and that he has now turned around and claimed that Obama implemented his plan and they did in fact "go bankrupt" as part of the process; the details of exactly how Mittens planned to do this versus what President Obama did are LOST on almost everyone!

    I just learned today, in reading these comments, about how Mittens made sure he and his rich buddies were going to come out ahead no matter what. The depth and breadth of his greed and dishonesty have no bounds. The more I learn about him, the more frightened and sickened I get. The idea of him winning the presidency is literally making me feel sick to my stomach lately. This story only makes that revulsion stronger.

    I am not so sure that Letterman actually hurt President Obama by bringing this up the way he did. Yes I agree he should not have said in so many words that Obama was wrong and was dishonest. That was not good for him to feed that narrative and he does need to fix it. I hope he will take it back and say HE was wrong and President Obama was in fact correct.

    But, there is still a plus side to this in that Rachel was able to get the answer to this meme out there to a wider audience, and it's getting more people to fact check the full situation and bring more details forward. So I think that part is actually good for our side. Because this conversation can only hurt Mittens if the truth gets out.

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