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  •  Left Wing nutcases are not the reason that (1+ / 0-)
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    new nuclear plants are DOA in the U.S.  

    New projects have been declared "not economically feasible" by Wall Street, Utilities, Private Equity, etc.  Exelon, the owner of the largest nuclear fleet in the U.S., no longer believes there is a future with new nuclear generation.

    Nuclear died under its own inertia and poor record of performance.  You give "left wing nutcases" way too much credit.

    •  Hmm, so Wall Street is the problem here . . .. (0+ / 0-)

      who'd ever thunk that that particular entity would be responsible for blocking progress in this country - shocking, shocking stuff!!

      In any event, in (most of) the rest of the world of modicum of sanity prevails:

      Nuclear power capacity worldwide is increasing steadily, with over 60 reactors under construction in 13 countries.


      •  tell me how a new nuclear plant get's constructed (0+ / 0-)

        if no one will risk their capital to finance it.

        The list of new nuclear plants in your link includes projects which have already been cancelled (i.e. South Texas Project).  And many of the others are projects that have only applied for COL licenses; they aren't remotely near the financing and construction phase.

        The projects in Asia are almost entirely financed/guaranteed by the federal government (i.e. China, Korea), and couldn't hold up in the free market without it.

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