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    Educators are taught that we have to cover everything from memorizable facts, to skills, to analysis and synthesis, to abstract thought and higher things---and furthermore that each of these modes of learning rest atop the previous one.  You can't analyze Shakespeare if you can't remember any Shakespeare.

    Students, however, and sometimes some teachers, get this idea in their head that memorizing facts is not "learning," because a computer could do it.  And so there is a bit of a bias against simply knowing things, or learning mechanical skills.

    Your analogy to a musical instrument is quite apt:  that amazing transcendent musical "gift" is a product of ten thousand hours of often monotonous practice of technical skills.  To praise the high-level thinking and disparage the low-level learning is like praising Sir Edmund Hillary for standing atop Mount Everest, but not for climbing it.

    My head says "No" but my heart says "Yes". And then my liver says "What?" and my butt's all like "Farrrrrrt" --jbou

    by Caj on Thu Oct 25, 2012 at 07:09:37 AM PDT

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