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View Diary: Rachel Maddow: a swing and a miss (72 comments)

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    I don't think she was predicting it as likely. It's an extremely unlikely possibility, but winning the electoral college while losing the popular vote is slightly more likely (2000) and also crucial. To say nothing of narrowly winning the electoral college on the back of disputed state results (Florida 2000).

    Aside from being a fun piece of speculation at the end of the show, it is also useful education on how the constitution deals with a tie or general failure to achieve an electoral college majority (much more likely in the case of a third party candidate winning actual states than the narrow possibility of a tie). So the piece was educational and fun, if not particularly important in the case of this year's election.

    However, in the narrow possibility that this thing does end up a tie ... well, at least you'll know exactly how you will be driven insane before it happens.

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