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View Diary: Benghazi Blowback Confirmed: US Intel Confirms Attack Linked to Pipeline of Libyan Jihadis to Syria (68 comments)

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  •  The FSA is almost entirely Sunni. This is Jihad (1+ / 0-)
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    Claudius Bombarnac

    whether you want to call it that, or not.

    You are denying the obvious that this has turned into a religious civil war.  It's really a resumption of the '76-'82 "Long War of Terror", which was the last Sunni uprising against the Shi'ia-dominated minority regime and the Ba'ath Party.  That war too, which left about the same number of casualties on both sides, was essentially a religiously-based civil war.  In other words, a Jihad.

    Yes, frenchman,  by that historical standard, the Free Syrian Army is dominated and significantly influenced by jihadists.

    Pointing out the futility and danger of the US taking sides between two warring groups of Jihadis is not Assad propaganda, as the regime would never make that point.

    You're a bully who uses ad hominem attacks and don't seem particularly capable of arguing from facts.

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