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View Diary: Why should Mourdock apologize for saying what they all believe? (142 comments)

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    RW conservative daughter in law asked me after the election in 09 if I thought Obama was the anti-Christ? Neither she or my son are religious, so that really threw me. I think her fiends and her side of the family seriously believe this type of insanity. It is normal to them to ask such a bizarre question. Last Christmas she asked with a straight face 'So how about that Michele Bachman, do you think she will run for higher office like Hillary and Sarah P did?

    They live in a whole other reality that they feel is mainstream, decent and the American way.. She knows I'm a liberal Democrat but in her world view and culture RW maniacs are normal and it's the liberals are dangerous extremists.  Many RWer's do live in a bubble even if they are not religious fundies.  

    Funny part is that my son who's a 'conservative' supported Obama as he thought he was liberal and said maybe it's time for you liberals to have control and fix this mess. He thought the Bushies went to far. This was in 08. He hates Romney but he now is back to calling Democrat's 'slimy and corrupt'. We agreed to not talk politics any more and I hardly see them.  

    He got a vasectomy last year as his wife just loves having babies and once they get a little older she wants a new one. She's like the character Dot in Raising Arizona. She is also anti abortion but not  religious. Sher just can't understand anyone outside her culture and world. She's also gullible and fearful and gets all freaked out about what ever danger and fear the TV and Fox pumps out.  


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