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View Diary: NC Early Voting Day 9: Yes Virginia, Obama Really Can Win North Carolina (111 comments)

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    I have no citation but I voted in the same place I voted in 2008. African-American voter turnout was good then but it certainly was excellent at our polling place the whole time I was there this year.

    The woman in front of me in line couldn't keep herself from muttering about how if all the families knew what would be happening to their student loans without Obama they would know who to vote for.

    The woman behind me in line was a young Latina who seemed to have been brought to the polling place by a middle-aged African-American woman who stood with her in line up to the door and was explaining the fine points of how the ballot worked. Looked like a new voter to me.

    I guess it would offend everyone if I went down the line and hugged all the black and brown people, but I sure was glad to see them there.

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