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View Diary: PPP North Carolina - Obama/Romney TIED! (46 comments)

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  •  you need to read the actual information... (6+ / 0-)

    .....and all the other posts from those actually on the ground in NC

    O won in '08 by 14k votes

    less than 50% of registered AA voters voted

    AA registered voters already voted is up 30% from '08

    dem goal is 1.0 AA registered voters out of 1.5 million

    keeping the current 30% increase rate through election day, 914k AA will have voted, 500k more than in '08

    in todays numbers, white voters were almost evenly split and between AA and "other minorities", any chance mittens gets big numbers?

    definitely seems like the meme that dems are not enthusiastic is false at least based on all I have read about NC today.

    just a few days ago the big story was O pulled out of NC. hahahahahahahahahaha!

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