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  •  You're totally misreading. (3+ / 0-)
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    Justus, Smoh, NormAl1792

    Nobody is saying that progressives don't or shouldn't care about these issues. To the contrary. And I'd stand in strong opposition to commenters telling women to "stop being Debbie Downers".

    However, that doesn't mean that we shouldn't try to understand the mechanics of the Right and what they're really after, because not understanding them is to willfully disarm.

    The GOP and the Right in general is a coalition between cultural reactionaries who are mostly at the lower end of the economic spectrum and who suffer more than anyone from the economic policies of the GOP -- and the plutocrats, the "top 1%". The "top 1%" by definition is not a strong voting bloc; that's where the Bible-thumpers come in. The cultural reactionaries are nothing other than electoral tofu for the plutocrats, but it is them, the plutocrats, who get to set economic policy. This goes beyond the issue of reproductive choice, but includes all cultural issues in general. Why do you think they get "caught" cheating on their spouses, getting abortions for their mistresses, doing drugs and a whole host of other things in direct opposition to their stated cultural policies -- in private life? Because they are fundamentally and fervently opposed to them? Try catching them paying a penny more in taxes than they absolutely have to in their private lives.

    And also, I find the suggestion that male progressives are "not affected by women's health issues" a little offensive. First of all, we are progressives primarily because we do care about other human beings' well-being. Second, most of us can say that people whom we love the deepest are precisely female.

    •  Or here, I'll give you another example (2+ / 0-)
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      Smoh, NormAl1792

      Why do you think it's possible to be a pro-choice Republican, but not a pro-tax-the-rich Republican? I actually think that most, if not all, Republicans who represent blue states in Congress are pro-choice. What binds them with their red-state brethren?

      Or, say, I saw Rudy Guiliani on Hardball last night and he was asked about Mourdock's drivel. He didn't agree. Chris Matthews pointed out a few times that Rudy was pro-Gay rights as well and asked, in a nutshell, "how can you still be a part of this party?"

      Guiliani goes "Reagan used to say that if you agree with him on 8 out of 10 things, you can be in his party".

      But those other 2 things are always cultural. They can "agree to disagree" on cultural issues, but they never "agree to disagree" on, say, tax cuts, or bank bailouts. Ever wonder why that is?

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