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View Diary: GOTV Blogathon: Yes, Latinos Will Vote (15 comments)

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    First, thanks for this post. It is heartening.

    Second, I'd like to ask you a question.

    I go to other sites, like the online version of newspapers, and often get into discussions with others who are commenting.

    One opinion, which seems to be a core belief of conservatives, is that Obama (personally, apparently) will organize an army of "illegals" to engage in voter fraud.

    One assumption they usually seem to be making is that to be Latino is to be "illegal." Even if they apparently recognize that millions are citizens, these critics seem to think that it is easy, popular, safe, and effective (for Obama) for non-citizens to vote.

    What do you say to someone who puts forward this opinion?

    I don't expect the person to change his/her views—dedicated Foxites won't change.

    But I'd like to speak, in my comment, to readers who are more open-minded.

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