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View Diary: CEO who threatened workers if they voted for Obama violated Wisconsin law (208 comments)

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  •  Hate to say it (0+ / 0-)

    but the language is vague enough, so that I think it could fly under the legal standard.

    It ain't "Vote for Obama and I will fire you"

    Its more "If you vote for Obama the business climate will change in ways that will lead to layoffs."

    Dickish and bullshit, but subtly different.

    "Empty vessels make the loudest sound, they have the least wit and are the greatest blabbers" Plato

    by Empty Vessel on Thu Oct 25, 2012 at 04:58:02 PM PDT

    •  The Supreme Court said exactly that (1+ / 0-)
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      NLRB v. Gissel.

      "A prediction must be carefully phrased on the basis of objective fact to convey an employer’s belief as to demonstrably probable consequences beyond his control. . . . If there is an implication that an employer may or may not take action solely on his own initiative for reasons unrelated to economic necessities and known only to him, the statement is no longer a reasonable prediction based on available facts but a threat of retaliation based on representation and coercion, and as such without the protection of the First Amendment.”

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